Nantucket & Palm Beach

NannyTucket seeks to be a sustaining resource connecting Nantucket families and quality caregivers. Our mission is to seamlessly provide Nantucket families with outstanding babysitters, allowing parents to enjoy what the island has to offer.

Heather North McGraw, Founder & President

Heather founded NannyTucket in 2008 with the vision of simplifying the challenges of finding quality childcare.

Under Heather’s direction, NannyTucket has blossomed from an idea to a network that includes over 300 childcare providers in Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard and Boston.

Heather first started coming to Nantucket in 1999 as a college sophomore and hasn’t stopped. As a college student, Heather waitressed at the Nantucket Yacht Club, The Tavern, The Galley, and of course picked up a few babysitting jobs here and there, however she would have taken more if she had had the opportunity… After graduating from the University of Massachusetts with a minor in early childhood development, Heather became a lead teacher within Bright Horizons’ infant care room. Not long afterwards, she was offered a position as the Nanny and Family Assistant for the Family of US Senator John Edwards. Over the course of the 2004 and 2008 campaigns, Heather became accustomed to interviewing, hiring and training babysitters not only for the Edwards’, but also for other campaign staff and friends. This experience provided Heather with a unique understanding of what it takes to provide childcare, meet high expectations and balance ever-changing schedules. Heather brings this knowledge to the Nantucket community together with her husband, Jed, where they met in 2002 and were engaged in 2005. NannyTucket aims to become a sustaining resource for families to rely on for quality caregivers and for people seeking part-time seasonal employment.

Jed McGraw, Co-Founder & Vice President

Jed leads NannyTucket’s strategy and operations. As a Babson MBA candidate, Jed is focused on setting NannyTucket on a path toward steady growth and sustainability. Jed is also a seasoned software and systems sales professional with over 10 years at Oracle and Toshiba, where he has demonstrated aggressive sales growth.

After graduating from Colby College in 2002, Jed worked as a Beach Ranger for the Trustee’s of Reservations on Nantucket’s Great Point. It was that summer that he met Heather (he dug her jeep out of the sand) and later proposed to Heather on a Nantucket Beach in 2005.