How to write a poetry essay

A poetry essay is a type of essay which analyses the work of reputable poets’ work. Writing an analysis based on poetic theory is no easy task since it will take time, dedication and a whole lot of research before you can put your own analysis into work. To know how to write a poetry essay, a discussion of what it is and the step by step procedure must be done.

First off, in introducing the poem with an introductory paragraph, you must write the title the author along with the name of the piece. It is best to give out a summary (brief and concise) of the poem’s contents and maybe a bit of history along with it. You may write introduction as something as Joyce Kilmer’s “The Tree” and that the tree represents something that the speaker of the poem wished to convey.

Once you are done with the introduction, move on to the body whilst thinking about the poetic language used and imagery for the settings written. You must be as precise as possible and speak your words with clarity based on the details you wish to tell your readers. You should also take into account the literary devices used and ow did they affect the work’s meaning(s). Always make sure to prove your words by taking examples from the poem.

Other than the literary devices used, you must also think about the language sound and the sense behind the piece. Did the author use any sort of rhythm or metric system to be able to create the meaning behind the amplitude or sound of the poem alongside with the inquiry if the usage of proper vocabulary correctly appeals to not only the visual sense but all of five senses.

You must be able to write about the moods and the emotions behind the poem. You must write about how the poem was able invoke emotions from the reader and such and be able to explain what type of response did the author wish to get from his readers.

Lastly, to write the conclusion of your poetry essay, you must be able to reaffirm the intent of the author of the poem and make sure to state whether he had achieved his goal. In writing this portion, make sure that you are able to support your own answers with details from the poem itself and your body paragraphs.

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